Wednesday, 30 April 2014

What are people saying about Fearless Bob?

We've been lucky enough to receive a few online reviews of our new game for iOS,  Fearless Bob! Check them out below!

"I’m a huge fan of this genre of game, and Fearless Bob is a good example of what makes this genre so much fun." - Tucker Cummings, Tapscape

"As I approached each new level of Fearless Bob myself, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the app definitely lived up to its claims." "Swiping was pretty addictive, and the puzzles were challenging enough that I felt excited to try each new one." - Marilyn Chau, The iPhone App Review.

"Smash your way through a beautifully constructed dimension, smashing obstacles and targets in your path and experiencing the best destruction physics on mobile devices." - The Team at

Thanks to Tapscape, The iPhone App Review, and Trendenasia for their great reviews! 

Download Fearless Bob from the App Store today!

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